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Advanced Universal Power Line and Z Wave Wireless Technology for Virtually unlimited control of your Home From Your Mobile Wheel Chair, Smart Phone, or from Any Internet computer in the World



SmartHomeOne is the Operating System for the Home. With SmartHomeOne running on our custom PC, you can control all the systems of your home, including lights, devices, appliances, home theater - audio/video, security, climate, Turn on the Video cameras outside and even open the front door from your wheelChair or Bedroom Activate the telephone and the Internet - from anywhere in the world - by VOICE!
The key to effective home control is simplicity - how easy it is to use the system. There's no easier way to control your home than with normal, conversational speech. Once SmartHomeOne is installed in your home, you can begin controlling an unlimited number of devices with your voice. Simply tell SmartHomeOne, "Turn on the front door lights," or establish schedules by telling SmartHomeOne, "Every night at 6pm turn on the front door lights for five hours." Talk to your home just as you talk to the people inside.

SmartHomeOne delivers complete power line control using the UPB power line protocol. There's no need to tear your house apart to rewire your home - use the wires that already exist in your home's walls. Using economically priced UPB wall switches, lamp modules, or power outlets, you can control every light in your house with SmartHomeOne. Schedule your lights to go on and off according to your lifestyle. SmartHomeOne tracks sunrise and sunset where you live by matching the latitude and longitude with the position of the sun. Tell SmartHomeOne to turn your front door lights on at dusk every night and off at 11:30pm. Use easy-to-set-up Macros to establish lighting scenes. For instance, when you tell SmartHomeOne that it's "It's time for a movie," SmartHomeOne might then dim the lights in the family room. SmartHomeOne will operate appliances, too, like coffee makers and popcorn poppers. Tell SmartHomeOne to brew the coffee every morning at 7am. Even more impressive is SmartHomeOne's power to link numerous actions together. In addition to dimming the family room lights when you say, "It's time for a movie," you could also have SmartHomeOne begin popping the popcorn.

SmartHomeOne gives you the power to control the climate in your house from anywhere in the home - or anywhere in the world - by voice. Once you install a SmartHomeOne-compatible communicating thermostat, you can call your home and ask SmartHomeOne, "What is the temperature in the house?", or you may ask, "What is the thermostat setting?" Lots of people have programmable thermostats. But what if your schedule changes after the thermostat is programmed? Most programmable thermostats can only be programmed when you're at home. With SmartHomeOne, if you decide to extend your vacation by a couple of days, you can simply call your house and tell SmartHomeOne to set the thermostat accordingly. Then call from the airport on the way home and tell SmartHomeOne to warm/cool the house to the temperature you desire.

Home theaters are better than ever before. But they're also more complicated to operate. SmartHomeOne can make it easy! SmartHomeOne uses infrared to generate the same signals that come from the remote control devices that the manufacturer sends with your audio/video equipment. Simply install a SmartHomeOne-compatible infrared controller and SmartHomeOne becomes a universal remote control that you can operate with your voice. Simply tell SmartHomeOne to, "Turn on the TV." The real power of SmartHomeOne home theater control is the ability to make many things happen with a single voice command. We all know how difficult it can be to coordinate all the pieces of the home theater for the different ways you want to use it. Sometimes, you just want to watch the TV. Other times, you just want to listen to music. On other occasions, you want to watch a movie. The movie requires the TV to be tuned to the correct channel so it can receive the signal from the Cable Box, DVR or older  VCR or the DVD. The stereo tuner has to be turned on and in the right mode to generate surround sound for movie viewing. Finally, the  Cable receives the command from the system and Game on. Some people keep index cards to remember all the steps. With SmartHomeOne, you can create a single voice command - one of your own choosing - something like, "Prepare the family room for a video." With that phrase, SmartHomeOne can be programmed to turn the TV on and switch it to the right channel to receive the video signal from the Cable , DVR . VCR or DVD, the stereo will be turned on and correctly configured for theater sound, theSystem  will be turned on set to play, and finally, the room lights will be dimmed down as the movie begins. Your only responsibility is to sit back and watch. SmartHomeOne makes great home theater technology easy-to-use - and that's what makes the SmartHomeOne home control system great!

SmartHomeOne gives you greater control of your home security system. With a SmartHomeOne-compatible security panel, you can arm and disarm your system by voice. If your system is violated, you can tell SmartHomeOne to call you on your cell phone or at the office or at any number you designate. You may want SmartHomeOne to call your neighbor if you are away on vacation. If your system detects smoke or fire in your house during evening hours, you can tell SmartHomeOne to turn on all the lights in the house and to play loud music in order to wake up sleeping residents. This is all possible because SmartHomeOne integrates all the systems in the house on the PC - when the security system is triggered, other systems can be told to respond. With SmartHomeOne, you are limited only by your imagination.

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