SmartHome1, Designers and Installers of  Electronic Web Enabled SmartHomes for Today's Soldier in the 21st Century VETERANS SERVING VETERANS

Who are we?

Web Pilot Inc is a 100 % Disabled Veteran Owned company dedicate to helping our wounded warriors regain, what was lost ,with technology.

We Started in 1995 and have worked with the Internet since its beginning.

We bring to the table of some of the finest minds in the world from Switzerland, California, Texas, New Hampshire, Florida and others in a collective  brain trust to design and discover the very latest in Wireless technology, Power Line, IR and  new Electro-mechanical devices.

We do not rely on any one technology but integrate a vast number of different protocol's in a proprietary software and hardware integration platform.

We desire to automate the home to the level where  the veteran can live alone for the majority of the day and work over the internet for corporations or their own business.

We are dedicated to your success Today and Tomorrow.

We are a Christian Based Company.

And to those who wish us harm we say
Have a nice Day!

To the guy in the cave we wish you well in your after life BRING LOTS OF ICE!